Want Better Focus, Confidence, Better Health, Great Activity, Flexibility, Strengthening For Yourself?  Ages 19 and Up!

Martial Arts For Adults! Try Our 3 Class Special For Only $19.99, FREE Uniform ($59 Value)
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The Best Decision You Can Make As An Adult
The Martial Arts can have such a positive life-long impact on your life that’s it’s clearly one of the smartest decisions you can make.  You remain active, flexible, improve your cardio, and gain more strength.
The Shogun Warrior's Program
Our classes include ages 19 and up. They are FUN, and very constructive in nature.  You will gradually progress through the training phases, and not too much, all at once.
Current Class Schedule 
Classes are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday starting at 800pm - 900pm--September to May. And, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,  and Friday; 715pm - 815pm---June to August.  It all depends upon the rotation, as to which class days you will have assigned to you. 
We believe in providing the best value....Period! 
If we are doing our job, you should love coming to class. We also understand that you may not want to come to class due to a work related something or home situation, then that's is not the time to skip class. Get your 'Training On' to clear your head to deal with it better.  However, whatever, the reason to have to miss training, we can understand.  We will work through most issues to help you become the best you can; physically, spiritually,  and emotionally. You can see immediate benefits of what we do, as you continue your training.  
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We are so confident that you will love the classes that we are giving you, 3 classes for only $19.99! Getting started couldn't be easier. If at anytime during the trial try out you don't wish to continue, we will cancel your program.  Plus, we offer a 100% money back guarantee if for some reason you're not happy, and you feel your time was wasted.
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